Advanced 3D Scanners for Better Treatment & Experience

3D Scanning For Dental Implants and Other Dental Procedures

TRIOS® 3Shape Intraoral Scanner

You expect your dentist to use the latest advancements in the industry. At Vista Dental Care and Specialty Center, we always utilize the latest technologies so that we can provide top care to our patients. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, our patients enjoy an enhanced dental experience; our 3D scanner technology can shorten appointments and wait times for dental procedures!

What is a 3Shape Intraoral Scanner?

An intraoral scanner is a camera that provides views inside of the mouth. Our newest 3Shape tool offers real-life color pictures that are much clearer than images taken with other equipment. Thanks to this technology, Dr. Miller can better comprehend the oral health needs of his patients. For the most accurate results, treatments can be specialized. In the end, the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner provides a comprehensive and comfortable dental visit.

How Does the TRIOS® 3Shape Work?

This scanner takes a gentle 3-D impression of the mouth. The most common dental impression technique involves using messy dental putty; with TRIOS, patients simply open their mouths while the pictures are taken.

The Benefits of TRIOS®

  • Heightened Accuracy. Since 3Shape captures incredibly clear images of the inside of a patient’s mouth, these pictures allow dental professionals to make impressions that are much more accurate than past practices. These images of your mouth will result in restorations that will fit better and will require fewer adjustments.
  • Increased Comfort. In the past, taking impressions of teeth caused many patients to suffer discomfort. The American Dental Association explains that 7.5 percent of individuals gag when cumbersome equipment is placed inside of their mouths. The TRIOS® unit is small and quickly scans the mouth without discomfort. Since it never touches any part of the mouth, it makes the process much more bearable.
  • Decreased Chair Time. Since the TRIOS® device takes little time to scan the mouth, a patient will be in and out of the dentist’s office quicker than traditional dental impression techniques. Also, the accurate results mean that patients rarely need to return for follow-up visits.

If you want to learn more about how we will use TRIOS® 3Shape to make your next appointment better, call Vista Dental Care and Specialty Center today.


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