Missing Teeth

Apart from the obvious chewing difficulty resulting from missing teeth, other problems arise from having gaps between teeth that may include teeth drifting out of position, speech difficulties, and embarrassment from unsightly gaps when smiling. There are three main ways to correct the problem of missing teeth: (i) a dental bridge; (ii) complete dentures; (iii) partial dentures.

The most common bridge consists of crowns on each of the two teeth on either side of the gap that provide the anchors for the bridge that holds in place the new artificial tooth that replaces the missing tooth. Dental bridges are permanent and although they may require periodic adjustments, they are highly durable lasting many years.

Complete dentures are required when all the teeth are missing and be either “conventional” or “immediate”. Conventional dentures are made and fitted only after the gums have healed following extraction of the teeth. Immediate dentures are made in advance and are worn once the teeth are extracted. Partial dentures are used to replace several adjacent missing teeth. The process of making and fitting dentures typically requires a number of appointments extending over several weeks.


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